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Inward Bound 

About Us

Inward Bound exists to facilitate inner awareness and create story sharing opportunities through Inward Bound Women and Inward Bound Studios.

This project, A Hundred Voices, is an opportunity to see and be seen. Through this story sharing project, we are creating opportunities to deepen your inner awareness of what exists inside of you that wants to be shared.

What experiences have shifted your trajectory in life? What do you know - on a deep, intuitive level - that the world needs to hear?

Only you know the answers to these questions. Are you ready to share?


Laurie Benson

Laurie was recently introduced as a Voice for the Voiceless, and the title stuck.

Her focus is on embodiment and the sharing of stories, understanding that these two paths lead us to our deepest inner truths, and create a path forward toward unity and compassion.

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